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On Saturday the 20th of February, members of our association took part in the annual fund raising activity. This was our ever first participation in the annual 2hr walk which sole purpose was to raise funds for the homeless, the hurt and those facing hunger in our society today. As Canadians, we are fully aware of how harsh the weather could be during the winter times which is why we saw the importance in being part of this wholesome event. Due to the Covid-19 restrictions, weather conditions and varying work schedules, only a selected few took part in this work. At 5pm, we gathered at our meeting zone in the south west area of Calgary. Our intended 2hrs walk became a 45min walk as the weather conditions were really harsh, which forced us to return to the meeting zone ( which was the home of a fellow member around the Chinook area ). After the 45min walk in that weather, we were quick to return because we had a home to go to, which made us realize how hard it is to be on the streets and not have a place to call home. Which has made us to appreciate the homes we have. We look forward to more of such activity.

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